Thank You Notes for Acts of Kindness

By on Oct 9, 2006 in Great Uses for Note Cards |

In the course of our daily lives we are often the recipients of acts of kindness that certainly require no thank you note.  However, sending a thank you note in such circumstances is a thoughtful gesture that will be much appreciated by the recipient and may even be saved and re-read repeatedly because it means so much.

You may wish to send a note of gratitude to the custodian at your church when he has worked hard behind the scenes to prepare for a special service or event at the the church, to your secretary when she stayed late to copy or prepare a report you needed for an important meeting, or to your daughter’s soccer coach who let your child play in the big game because she needed encouragement rather than because of her soccer skills.

The following is an example of such a note:

      Dear Mrs. Johnson,

      How can I thank you enough for coming to the aid of my son Eric when he fell off his bicycle yesterday.  Imagine my surprise when he came in the door with both knees and one elbow neatly bandaged!  He proudly showed me the smiley sticker on his T-shirt that you gave him for bravely bearing the washing and dressing of his wounds.

     It was so very kind of you to help him off the sidewalk in the front of your home, to clean him up and bandage his scrapes, and to even give him a cookie and juice before helping him back home.

     You are a wondrful neighbor and our family is truly blessed to know you.

     Thank you again for your kindness to Eric.